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Jazzysad is a DJ and producer from the city of Subotica, Serbia. One of the pioneers of electro swing, nu jazz and electro tango sounds in the Balkans. He creates under the influence of soul, jazz, boogie, hip hop, trip hop, brazilian, broken beat. Lately, he is focused on performing with the band Jazzysad Combo and promotion of Balkan jazz releases.

The artist behind the stage is professionally both a sound engineer and fashion designer. His competences is what led him to become a lead manager of the Midnight Jazzdance Stage at the reputable Nisville Jazz Festival. In 2008, he signed with Levi Strauss & Co. as an official music associate in Serbia.

As a producer of the Jazzysad radio show on the regional Kaseta radio, he combines jazz funk, modal, latino and acid jazz music from his own collection. Every week on Jammonite radio, Jazzysad presents a variety of Balkan jazz releases to the listeners around the world. Since 2017, Jazzysad is a host to the International Jazz Day celebration in Serbia. A frequent guest of the European clubs that cultivate vinyl culture.

Jazzysad performed with various musicians – Shuya Okino, Rainer Trueby, Joey Negro, Perry Louis, DJ Maestro, Valique, Faze Action, Jazzcat, The Jazz Pit. Including Parov Stelar, Mario Biondi, Nicola Conte as a guest DJ. On regional music scene, he collaborates with Marko Louis, Milan Petrovic Quartet i NaissBlue.