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" No AI, no algorithms, just pure human touch. Our playlists and music selections are handpicked and ear-approved by a real, live music aficionado. So, when you tune in to Ness Radio, you're experiencing the magic of human creativity, not a robot's guesswork. "

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Eric is the founder of two intimate Music & Dance centric initiatives in Lausanne (Simple & Sans Prétention) & Amsterdam (Tambourine Amsterdam).

Born out of a need for a local alternative to dominant commercially driven music culture, these projects attempt to create bridges and connections between souls & communities on a dancefloor, celebrating Music, Dance, diversity, humility.

Eric is fueled by his passion for Music that changed lives, shaped new freedoms and challenged the status quo.
His obsession is House Music, spanning from its history & inception to today’s artists, parties & people sharing the same passion.

While House Music keeps evolving, it is deeply rooted in African American Music & Culture through Soul, Funk, Jazz & Disco.
Eric collects, digs, dances and plays to feel free, to explore, to create & live moments of happiness.

He will share his finds in his Monthly Set/Selection on Ness Radio.

Simple & Sans Prétention
Tambourine Amsterdam