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Dominique Prud’homme

Born in the Congo to a musical family, always armed with a shortwave radio, a tape recorder, and a computer, I traveled the world, living and working in Belgium, France, the United States, Colombia and Argentina before settling in Cyprus.

Cyprus. The Island of cats for some, the Island of winds for others. This is all true, but for me it’s millennia of history. Battles lost and won, conquests, defeats, occupations, wars, abuse and misery, but also laughter and joy. That reflects in music, songs, traditions, dances. Yes, I live in the Near East.

I’m definitely not a professional DJ nor a musicologist. I consider myself a storyteller, a marabou, griot, whatever you would call it: I like to tell musical stories, mainly.
I’m not a Vinyl Collector neither although I own many, with boxes of cassettes and tapes, all digitized as best I could.

So… « L’heure d’ailleurs » is a little boat, drifting without a compass anywhere the wind blows without boundaries, frontiers or musical genres or religious confessions. Sailing under the sun and stars, captured by pirates in the Red Sea, stranded in a lost Caribbean island, drowned by a storm, only to reappear the next day.

Enjoy the trip.

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