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Kingston Connexion Diggin’ Interview at The Box by DJ Ness Afro et Selectress Gwen

This is the first media partnership between Ness Radio & Musical Echoes. After the opening Diggin’ series with Sly Johnson at Betino’s Record Shop in Paris our reporter Dj Ness Afro has decided to join forces with Selectress Gwen of Musical Echoes to bring you an exclusive interview of Kingston & Tokyo Connexion.
This Dijon based Reggae label owned by French producer & activist Jacques Golub aka Uhuru Disciple is internationally know for strong reissues such as Prince Hammer, The Light of Sabah, Cedric Brooks or Zap Pow. Jacques is also a great producer with his musical project Max Caviar and well respected Riddim Conference Japanese series.
Gwen picked the perfect record store in Dijon for this Interview, welcome in the crates of The Box record shop!

French version of this interview : ici
Links :
The Box : ici
Facebook Jacques Golub aka Uhuru Disciple : ici
Kingston Connexion : ici

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