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Album : « Gaijin Blues II » by Gaijin Blues

Fresh from South London (UK) based label Shapes of Rhythm comes a concept album via Polish jazz enthusiasts (and gaming nerds) Gaijin Blues.

Inspired by Japanese Role Playing Games and a love of all things Super Nintendo, and of course Japanese pop culture, Gaijin Blues released their debut EP in early 2019. After touring in the Far East and some serious hours playing games such as Dragon Quest V, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, VII and IX, the Shin Megami Tensei series, and Phantasy Star IV, the pair concocted an EP of samples, live instrumentation and programming as a love note that you’d never find inside a game box.

Gaijin Blues II takes you a step further. With this LP the duo have created their own fictional JRPG and devised an end to end narrative with the music weaved around it all.

The album is available now on all popular streaming platforms. You can pick up a copy of the limited edition vinyl LP from Bandcamp below:

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