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International Jazz Day Re-runnings

If you have missed last year’s and/or this year’s International Jazz Day on NESS RADIO, you can tune in again on 14 & 15 August. On the 14th we will run IJD of 2016 with mixes by Dick d’AlaiseTony ToddAntonio FerrareseHugo KreutzerMagda Brand-Ortiz de ZevallosCloud DankoMatthew Halsall and Jazzcat. And then on the 15th you will hear this year’s 24 hours of Jazz with mixes by Philippe Kwak CoicouEmmet HandMassimiliano ContiJordi De BeuleZeljko KerletaRobert LochmannDick d’AlaiseHarv Nagi and The Soul Preacher. Keep on Jazzin’…

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