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Mo’Jazz is now on Ness Radio

Hi y’all music lovers,
After being active for almost 5 years making radio for, I was ready for something new. So I was talking to my friend Massimiliano Conti a.k.a. Jazzcat if he had an idea where to go with Mo’Jazz? He told me that there was a guy (Younes Duret) who was interested in broadcasting his mixes on a weekly base, but Max lost contact with Younes, so I pushed him a little to pick up the pieces, and get in touch again.
I was so excited for Max that I also wanted to be part of the Ness Radio Crew, so I sent Younes a link to my mixes, and asked if he was interested in broadcasting my Mo’Jazz show.
Only a few days later Younes replied, and said he was very happy to broadcast my show on Ness Radio.
So now I have already uploaded 3 shows…
You can check them all out on my Mixcloud page and/or listen live on Monday or Wednesday…check the program for the hours.
From A Groovy Point Of View

Commentaires (1)

  1. Dominique Prud'homme

    Hey Groovy You… Nice to know you found yourself a new home. Sounds familiar this mix, Pal, Very like you. Let’s find some Balearic Jazz for a coming one 🙂 Love.