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V ARE Show #002

V ARE back with our second edition on NESS RADIO

with 7 Citizens + Kido Soon + Willfling
hosted by Farbdiscography + Joja
Wednesday, June 5th


PRATEREI is a vienna based label. Their parties are essential to everyone here in vienna who really cares about music. Once they started to put out their limited vinyl releases, it was clear it was a collectors must haves. …

In 2009 they started their monthly parties at Pratersauna, as well as their beautiful vinyl releases.

On the recent piece of black gold – Number 6 which was released in march 2013 – you have PERSE by 7 Citizens. We are very happy to welcome him – who also happens to be one half of Hundred20, alongside Motor City Drum Ensemble – in the studio together with the other PRATEREI heads Kido Soon and Willfling.

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