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Drum and Bass mix!

Session Drum and Bass dans ce qu’elle a de plus « warm up » ou spatiale 😉
Vous trouverez la playlist en commentaire de ce mix!

Commentaires (1)

  1. wattfutchureez

    playlist :
    Crimean – Origins
    Fortune Illtone – Diappear
    June Miller – Tundra
    Miridex – Ancient temple
    Fortune Illtone – Celadon
    Atlantic connection Kevin King – Backlog (submorphics remix)
    Decon – Crispy chicken dub
    Mayforms – Wheel of the world
    Decon – Catnip
    Zero Tolerance Beta 2 – Strike back
    Mortem – The touch
    Chap – Without you
    Es.tereo – Daylight
    Atlantic connection, Noumenon, Minds One – Can’t destroy love