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Lee Bright

Raised on The North East Essex sands he was from an early age put in front of the wireless tuned to Mi Amigo Radio. This early learning to an array of sounds led to a life astray immersed in music as his sanctuary. Once landed in London he immersed himself in the hedonism of The Eighties party scene.

Having maxed out his credit cards … by the mid 90’s he was behind the counter of Soho’s Release The Groove Records and regularly playing records to the burgeoning Shoreditch party crowd. Soon he was assisting Pete from BBE and co-managed the birth of 100’s of albums.

A Global pandemic and he transisted to setting up Tangential Music with his wife Catherine along with a publishing company Genre Fluid .

Both company names are an allusion to those early listening days of no holes barred genre kaleidoscopic Radio Caroline.

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