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Archives du mot clé : Saneyes

Rebirth by Saneyes (part of Compilation StillMuzik)

StillMuzik a Parisian label decided to release a compilation Looking for the perfect beat, which is set to be a tribute to Afrika Baambata’s work. One of the producers/beatmakers among Ta-Ku and Ohbliv, I dig is part of it: Saneyes is killing it with his single Rebirth. Check out Saneyes’ […]

Between Two Worlds by Saneyes

Tonight was the release of Saneyes latest EP Between Two Worlds. Saneyes is this French producer/beatmaker whom I have been following for a while and I really enjoy the work. If you’ve noticed my tastes up here, it’s all about electronica/garage/future sounds but not only. This EP blends it all […]

Saneyes – PREACH

PREACH: Said to give encouragement to a person dropping mad knowledge. Word! Je vous avais d’ores et déjà parlé de ce beatmaker du nom de Saneyes que j’ai découvert lors d’une soirée au très sympathique café du 20è à Paris La Bellevilloise. Une série de remixes, de grandes pointures, disponibles […]