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Archives du mot clé : mono/poly

Cryptic [HNR58] by MONO/POLY

Charles E. Dickerson, best known as MONO/POLY, released last week a nine-track EP ‘Cryptic [HNR58]’ as a follow up for ‘GOLDEN SKIES’ a year ago. This electronic music producer made a much anticipated EP featuring the vocals of Seven Davis Jr. and as a guest bass player Thundercat. Definitely worth […]

Compilation : V​/​A LITHIUM (extrait : Loowood – Cosmic Light)

Pour fêter leur 2 ans, le jeune magazine  The Chemistry a lancé sa compilation (disponible : ici) , quel plaisir d’y retrouver Jean Du Voyage, Monk, Loowood, Mono/Poly, des artistes dont j’apprécie énormément la qualité, la finesse et diffuse les morceaux à travers mes mixes ainsi que sur la playlist de […]