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Archives du mot clé : Funk

City of Lies par DOC Mastermind & Groover IsaAc

Pop pop popping!!! Que dire, une caisse claire qui cogne, de la basse en veux tu en voila, du synthé en nappes, en injections, le tout saupoudré de talk box, c’est encore une fois une production redoutablement efficace de la part de DOC Mastermind & Groover IsaAc. J’ai souvent joué […]

Dj Deheb The Goldsmith 2, New Album!!!

Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Rap… Bon, le label français Stereophonk n’a rien à prouver ou à envier à qui que ce soit, ou à n’importe quel grand label réputé national ou international. C’est pour moi le label activiste qui n’a pas forcement la renommée en rapport avec la qualité des albums produits. […]

Stereophonk Free Download Compilation et nouvel album de Estrada Orchestra : « Jazzbeatjäätis »

Un label français à l’honneur « Stereophonk » composé d’activistes du Graffiti, de Breakdance… Ils mettent à disposition en libre téléchargement une fournée de tracks pour tout les aficionados de Hip Hop, Funk, Soul et Breaks! Découvrez leurs univers et catalogue : ici. C’est avec plaisir que je partage avec vous cette découverte, d’autant plus […]

The Soul Chapter EP by Pablo Queu

Musician and producer Pablo Queu from Spain uses his guitar as his main instrument. He lately delivered his second official EP, featuring original beats which combine soul and electronic elements among jazz, hip hop and blues guitar. Everything being produced, mixed and mastered by him on this mini-EP. Enjoy!

The Light Bearer by Jimetta Rose (LP)

Released 2 weeks ago, latest LP The Light Bearer by Jimetta Rose meets all expectations. The whole record being produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow (from SomeOthaShip Connect) is a journey through hip hop, jazz and r&b/soul vibes and energy. Coming from Los Angeles, she has collobarated with many recognized music […]

Higher Vibrations by Tay Sean

My latest discovery. Last weekend I came across Tay Sean, a brilliant artist who is releasing September 20, 2016 his LP Leavings. Higher Vibrations is part of it and it is just great. This LP is available for pre-orders Great listening!

July 24: Dubbel Dee Day

Because there’s no new Mo’Jazz, Dubbel Dee & Friends, Groovy Night Sessions, or other mixes during the Summer break by Dubbel Dee, Ness Radio decided to do a 24hour broadcast of older mixes by Dick d’Alaise. So tune in to Ness Radio on the 24th of July for some groovy tunes! […]

Tree Of Life by OKE

OKE‘s newest EP is to me one of the sensations of early 2016 in afrofuturism, experimental and electronic music. Enjoy! OKE’ is the collective effort of three kindred spirits who enjoy astral traveling, and following their own pineal glands, or perhaps telepathy, accidentally collided planet QS. Their music is the […]