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Fino Du Rap – Reflexo De Um Pais (Prod. Kensaye)

Salut la compagnie! J’ai completement oublié de vous partager ce son que j’ai produit pour Fino du Rap du Brésil… Les paroles sont au sujet de la situation politique la bas et specifiquement une loi que les senateurs essayent de passer pour changer l’age de la criminalisation a 16 ans… […]

Between Two Worlds by Saneyes

Tonight was the release of Saneyes latest EP Between Two Worlds. Saneyes is this French producer/beatmaker whom I have been following for a while and I really enjoy the work. If you’ve noticed my tastes up here, it’s all about electronica/garage/future sounds but not only. This EP blends it all […]

Outterspace Hibernation by Stygian Haven

Releasing his 1st album, Time Capsule Stygian Haven aka S.Haven considers himself as a dude who just loves music. Making beats is his means to « touch as manys souls as he can ». Bet he’s on the right way.

Raw Data in Space by Ikabod Bum

Released early March 2013, this album ‘Raw Data In Space’ is the follow-up for ‘Raw Data Chips’ and shows « the dimensions of space-hop, future funk and electronic fusion ». Materials from a collective of producers make this a great listening (DAILON, JAYLOTUS, ION THE PRIZE…) A third album ‘Raw Data Jazz’ […]

God Magic by MeLo-X

Upon its release, early March 2013, I’ve been wanting to share with you this track by Melo-X, a simple hip-hop melody from EP « GOD:LOFI » released late March.

Yung Satan – Live @ JBL Tent (Coachella)

Coachella Festival newcomer Yung Satan whom I made a post about a few weeks ago Chocolate GrL. Soulection newness: Meet Yung Satan who is Soulection’s latest addition. He is part of the young and gifted M|O|D crew who have been getting heavy radio play/support from us for some time now! […]

Full Moon by Chela – G Templeton Remix

Producer/Deejay from San Francisco, Cali, G Templeton enables us to rediscover the term: Nu disco. With this latest released track Full Moon, a remix he made for Chela. Enjoy!