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Archives du mot clé : bass and drums

Winning EP by Just Jack

Jack Allsop also known as Just Jack has been one of my favorite artists ever. I experienced one of his parisian concert back in 2007, amazing experience! Playing good electronic music, a mix of a trip-hop journey. This EP WINNING has been released September 1st 2014, some great newness for […]

Lady Maverick : la musique dans le sang

Vanessa Rousso A.K.A Dj Lady Maverick A.K.A Pokerness, beaucoup de gens ne la connaissent pas et pourtant, cette franco-américaine de 31 ans a tout pour vous surprendre. Il y a moins d’un mois, son mix « I Can Twerk » vient d’atteindre la première place sur Mixcloud dans la catégorie […]

Cosmic Dream Weaving by ohbliv

[EN] A brand new 20-minute-mix by ohbliv, the one to deliver such beats whom I discovered 2 years ago with this precious digital album Ohblique. Ohbliv has released a lotta productions in the past years. This one is not be confused with any other, only there is different styles such […]