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Vito Giorgio

Vito Giorgio, 1978, alias Johnny Karma a.k.a. Jei Delete, in “exile” in Helsinki, originally from the Glarus-Valley at the bottom of some Swiss Mountains, DJ, Sound Digger, visual analog and digital artist, constantly searching for the hidden colours in the dark. In love with computers and haunted by inglorious mystic animals, Vito Giorgio is running along that ambiguous chromatic line, in that liminal zone of nobody outside any hierarchy of sense.

Show: “All the Colors of the Dark”
The darkness is a gloomy valley, penetrating the mystical mountains and leading directly to an elusive lost place. Populated by many vagrant and inglorious mystic creatures hiding in deprivation of light. Colours nest in the dark. Outsiders feel comfortable in the dark. No mirrors in the dark. Many things to discover in the dark. “All the Colours of the Dark” are your torch for illumination…
“All the Colors of the Dark” is a “cinematic” trip, making no halt in front of any musical genre, trying to spot some of the very unknown or forgotten musical gems to create an unconventional mystic musical movie where you are never sure what to expect next. Every episode is a different plot, sometimes happy, sometimes melancholic, sometimes horrific …. but always full of passion and love for the music.