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James Dean

Morning Glory is the radiophonic vision of UK-based DJ James Dean, also noted for his production work as Lost Idol, and as the founder of leftfield record label Cookshop.

Since its inception in 2004 Morning Glory has been a beacon for the very best in experimental, downtempo, electro-acoustic music – supporting upfront, new artists and labels as well as delving deep and uncovering long-forgotten gems from the past. Covering everything from modern classical and widescreen ambience through to leftfield beats and classic electronica, every show is a one hour trip through the outer realms of the musical sphere.

As a producer James has recorded two acclaimed albums as Lost Idol on his own label Cookshop, whilst his early works appeared on the legendary Pork Recordings label, home to the likes of Fila Brazillia and Baby Mammoth. More recently he has played live alongside Caribou, Pantha Du Prince, Fujiya & Miyagi and Dextro. You can find out more about Lost Idol.