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Alexander Mol

West Flanders’ Dj and always smiling eclectic music lover

Back in 2008 Mol started collecting music mainly Hip-Hop at first… intrigued by the samples he continued his journey through Soul, Funk & Jazz… & later on Bossa nova, Latin, Juke, Future Beats, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, House, Electronica & so on… As long as it has a good feel to it! His passion is to discover music & share the goodies with friends. Plus to make clear how many good non mainstream music there is in the world… Over the years he got the pleasure & honour to share stages/ line-up with artists & deejays such as Addison Groove, Kutmah, Poldoore, STUFF, Jazz Cartier, Nosedrip, Kid Sublime & so on…

MENGELMOES: Eclectic where every genre is welcome
Loungin’ : everything chill & relaxed
Tropical Delights: Tropical music
Soul food: Soulful tunes only