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Tous les messages de: Dick d'Alaise

Ness Radio Season 2018-2019

Hello Ness Radio listeners, The new season just started today, and we are very pleased with the new schedule/program/roster. As you can see we added 3 new shows/selectors! Welcome Liam Pook (IDLMNDS), Thomas Kick and Mr. Lob. We wish you all good vibes and hours of listening pleasure…

International Jazz Day 2018

Since 2011, April 30th is International Jazz Day, and just like the last three years we are taking over the world wide web airwaves of Ness Radio. 10 international selectors will provide you with 24 hours of Jazz grooves. Full lineup : MADONJAZZ (UK), The Audiofiles (BE), Nevill Mitchell (NL), Mo’Jazz(BE), Jazzcat (IT), Gelale (FR), DJ […]

International Jazz Day Re-runnings

If you have missed last year’s and/or this year’s International Jazz Day on NESS RADIO, you can tune in again on 14 & 15 August. On the 14th we will run IJD of 2016 with mixes by Dick d’Alaise, Tony Todd, Antonio Ferrarese, Hugo Kreutzer, Magda Brand-Ortiz de Zevallos, Cloud Danko, Matthew Halsall and Jazzcat. And then on the 15th […]

International Jazz Day 2017

For this year’s International Jazz Day on April 30 we are very happy to have 9 amazing selectors from 6 different countries. DJ Kwak The Jazz Pit Jazzcat The Audiofiles Zeljko Kerleta DJ Jazzmadass Mo’Jazz Dj Harv The Soul Preacher So tune in on Sunday April 30 for 24 hours […]

Dubbel Dee at Mixcloud

Last week I was in London where I met my Italian friend Simone who gave me a stack of 11 records ordered by Antonio at Schema Records and DejaVu. So there I was, sitting in London looking at my new collection of Italian jazz records that I couldn’t even listen […]

Welcome Huas!

We at Ness Radio are very happy to welcome a new passionate selector from Holland. He’s name is Hugo Kreutzer, and he will provide us weekly with a dose of good grooves & vibes! Hugo has been uploading mixes for more than 4 years on Mixcloud, and now he joined […]

Mo’Jazz is back!

After a long Summer break Mo’Jazz will be back on new days & hours! Tuesday: 11:00-12:00CET Wednesday: 15:00-16:00CET Sunday: 20:00-21:00CET And the first 3 Mo’Jazz mixes will be dedicated to the work of Rudy Van Gelder. The first one will contain tracks from the 50’s only…  

July 24: Dubbel Dee Day

Because there’s no new Mo’Jazz, Dubbel Dee & Friends, Groovy Night Sessions, or other mixes during the Summer break by Dubbel Dee, Ness Radio decided to do a 24hour broadcast of older mixes by Dick d’Alaise. So tune in to Ness Radio on the 24th of July for some groovy tunes! […]

International Jazz Day on Ness Radio

Since 2011, April 30th is International Jazz Day, and just like last year Ness Radio will be Jazz Radio for 24 hours. 8 International selectors will provide you with Jazzy grooves. The selectors are: Massimiliano Conti a.k.a. Jazzcat, Hugo Kreutzer a.k.a. Huas,Antonio Ferrarese a..k.a. Toni Rese, Cloud Danko, Tony Todd […]