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Interview de Youthstar and Miscellaneous par DJ Ness Afro

A l’occasion de la sortie (le 24 mars) de leur second album Youthstar X Miscellaneous ‘ Salvation’ sur Chinese Man Records, DJ ness Afro de Ness radio s’entretient avec ces deux artistes anglophones… Retrouvez le Duo en tournée dans toute la France à partir du 1er Avril Salvation Release Party : Youthstar and Miscellaneous @ La Boule Noire (Paris)

Youthstar is a London MC from Hammersmith who moved to Bordeaux at the age of 16. He comes from the Drum & Bass scene, particularly within the Dirtyphonics collective. He is a key artist of the Chinese Man label and has collaborated with Chill Bump, Big Red, Taiwan MC, L’Entourloop and Deluxe. With Youthstar and his hit ‘Vocabularious’ that reach 2 million listeners on Spotify this new album is bound to fame and glory.

Miscellaneous is called Pierre Scarland but he is an English speaking MC and singer from Tours. He started his career with FUMUJ, a fusion band between rock, electro and hip hop. Co-founder of the famous duo Chill Bump with Bankal, Dj celebrated in the IDA and DMC championships. Miscellaneous is also a great lead singer involved in many projects like the French Afrobeat band from his home town that was a big vinyl sale at Betino’s Record. Certified gold by DJ Ness Afro & Ness Radio.

How did you two meet ?

We met at the Chill Bump show during a big Chinese Man concert in Clermont Ferrand in 2014. It was at La Coopérative de Mai and Jay walked into the dressing room and the connection was instantly powerful. After that we decided to collaborate to record albums as a duo. Salvation is our second album written during the Lockdown.

How did you end up working with La Fine Equipe for the track ‘Whips X Chains’

The connection with La Fine Equipe was made through the sound engineer Blanka with whom we already collaborated. Pascal Luvisi aka Blanka mixed and mastered ‘Shikantaza’, the double album of Chinese Man released in 2017. I’m also on ‘Blah!’ with Taiwan MC and Illaman.

On this new album you invited Biga Ranx on the hit ‘Don Dada’.

Biga Ranx has been a friend of Miscellaneous for 10 years and he recorded tracks with him and Chill Bump that have never been released. Miscellaneous is featured on Biga Ranx’s album ‘Sunset Cassette’, he also helped him write some tracks like ‘Emoji’.

Miscellaneous has an incredible story that happened to him at a Kendrick Lamar concert?

I have a friend who worked at the Bataclan in Paris, and was there for Kendrick Lamar concert for the release of his album ‘Good Kid, M.A.A.d City’ in 2013. As Kendrick sings ‘Bitch don’t kill my vibe’, he notices someone in the crowd with a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Bitch don’t kill my vibe’. Of course he asks him his T-shirt because the person is so hypnotized by the show that he doesn’t understand what’s going on anymore. Anyway Kendrik takes it and holds it in his hand all along the show. At the end of the show Kendrick left this t-shirt in his dressing room and my friend who worked at the Bataclan took this shirt and offered it to me weeks ago telling me this would bring me good vibes.

And you, Youthstar, what the hell happened with Method Man ?

I was part of the Drum & Bass scene in the early 2000’s, I met a guy called Taiwan MC and he introduced me to Chinese Man later on.
I started playing with Chinese Man on the 4th of December 2010, I was invited to do 2 songs with Chinese Man in Paris at Le 104, the plan was that if I did well that night, they would put me on the tour bus to do the next two shows. The show went well and they told me to put my little suitcase on the tour bus. Chinese Man’s manager, Fred, made that decision. The next two concerts took place in the Zenith in Lille and at the Zenith in Strasbourg. The next day I experienced something I had never experienced before! At the Lille concert, Method Man was on the bill just before us. He was in the backstage box with Rakewon.

I said to Chinese man i want a photo with Method man !!! Please. I don’t have a filter at all, i am very spontaneous and Method man’s dressing room was open right next to ours. I walked in like this and said in my thick english cockney accent : « Excuse- me- Meth- can- i- please- have- a- photo ? He replied moking me : « Can- i -have- a- photo….’ all his entourage was laughing taking the piss. The minute he stood up to take a photo with me ; John from Chinese Man and Taiwan MC came running through the Lodge. i still have that photo. Method Man really liked the Chinese Man T shirt i was wearing so he asked for one and he actually put it on stage to perform his whole show.

Miscillaneous, you actually did a tour in India ?

When i toured India , one night in the city of Chenai with his band Chill Bump we did 3 or 4 shows with the Alliance Francaise that took us to Nepal We had this song called Snip Snip it’s about overpopulation , we do the song once and we ask the crowd to do the scissors sign with their hands , for the callback we ask if the crowd wanted another song from the repertoire. They all wanted to hear the song ‘Snip Snip’ and 150 kids came up and danced on stage. After that we never played that song ever. Indian really was shock for us!

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