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ALKEMIST – Talisman By DJ Ness Afro

ALKEMIST est un trio reggae dub originellement formé en 2018 par Karl Renaud et Glenn Sauvage, puis rejoint par la trompettiste Youthie en 2020. Il s’inspire de la musique électronique, traditionnelle, du hip hop et du reggae. Tout cela mélangé à de nombreuses influences des musiques du monde…Voila la Chronique de DJ Ness Afro.

– ALKEMIST winers of the DUBMATIX remix contest this year is a Parisian reggae dub trio originally formed in 2018 by Multi-instrumentalists Karl Renaud and Glenn Sauvage and then joined by trumpeter Multi-instrumentalist Youthie in 2020. ALKEMIST is inspired by electronic, traditional, hip hop and reggae music. All this mixed with many influences from world music, through traditional instruments diverted to…Dub…!
– The album « Golden Frequencies » released in 2018 marks the beginning of their launch with a first physical release in CD and digital. In 2021, ALKEMIST and Youthie met, they revisited Youhie & Macca Dread’s 2019 album « Nomad Skank » and released « Nomad Skank Rework ». This album presents 6 unique remixes on a 12inch vinyl mastered by Brice Marin, distributed by Control Tower Records and produced by Culture Dub Records. A vinyl pressed to 500 copies still available on Culure Dub Website, that collectors of vinyl as well as lovers of Dub Roots and Oriental will appreciate for its musicality.This collaboration will push our young artists to continue their musical road together, since Youthie joins the duo again for the creation of this new album « Talisman » released last month. This new project is a fusion of mix and inspiration, travelling around the world and traditional music. We will find Indian and Asian folklore, as well as traditional Irish music.
– Sounds reminiscent of their early influences, namely rock and reggae, add the finishing touch to this project. The result is a well crafted spiritual opus that has no musical boundaries while remaining within the heritage of Dub culture. The DNA of Alkemist is impregnated with universal nomadic culture with a lot of subtlety thanks to the refined arrangements of numerous instruments ranging from the didjeridoo, the acoustic guitar, the Đàn nguyệt (Vietnamese koto), the kalimba or even the flute and trumpet of the enchanting Youthie.
– ALKEMIST is also and above all a group of musicians who like to meet and collaborate.ALKEMIST is first and foremost two musicians who like to meet and collaborate… You will also be able to hear Elise Mélinand, Jako and Leïla Lila on vocals, Pierre Ruty on tablas and Jiben Lgn on drums.
Glenn Sauvage also takes care of the visuals and the creation of the always creative covers. The live show is a combination of multi-track mixes and instruments with unknown sounds that enrich the show and make you travel to other lands. Since 2018, the group has been playing a lot of gigs throughout France, in sound systems and where invited by Serenity Sound System in Toulouse last month, in festivals or as support act for artists such as Weeding Dub, Soom T…

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