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La Pie Bavarde par Tino et Marrrtin. (Label Stereophonk)

Cela faisait un bout de temps que je n’avais pas parlé du label Stereophonk et de Dj Marrrtin, cette fois il revient avec un magnifique album fleurant bon le boom bap en collaboration avec Tino. Vous trouverez ci-dessous la génèse du projet ainsi que des informations sur ces 2 protagonistes qui ont régalé mes oreilles à l’écoute de cette pie bavarde.

Stereophonk is happy to present you the new vinyl from Tino et Marrrtin « La Pie Bavarde « E.P , 7 tracks of pure hiphop with soulful samples , nice beats and dope rhymes. « This project came at the exact right time, Tino said . Marrrtin emailed me during the beginning of the COVID pandemic with some beats hoping I’d dig one and we might collab on a single track. I ended up liking a few because his boom bap sample heavy style reminded me so much of the production that made me fall in love with rhyming. The instrumentals inspired me to take it back to my lyrical roots » Tino explained
I recorded a couple songs and sent them his way and he was as excited as I was about he results so we expanded the size of the collaboration into what the project has become. Our time working on this spanned a couple of years and we mainly communicated through Facebook messenger and email, but even with the impersonal form of communication we built a friendship and trust that I believe you can hear in the records themselves. This doesn’t sound like a project made by two people in different parts of the world. It sounds like two long time friends cooked up something in a basement together.

Graffiti artist since 1991 under the name of DEZER, Marrrtin is playing music since 1999 . Beatmaker, ( He worked with Cali Agent’s Rasco, The Nubians, Soprano, Sadat X… ) music producer, Head of the label Stereophonk, ( he’s releasing Vinyls from Ethiopian jazz group , to Estonian jazz Funk Band among others. He’s also part of the groups FUNKY BIJOU ( with Deheb ) & Lord Paramour ( with Ajax Tow ) and Aktshun
He worked with different artist all over the world, he has released 3 solo albums ( in 2002 , 2007 and 2015) and several Mixcd’s .
in 2009 he teams with Dj Deheb to create the group FUNKY BIJOU. their tracks are played in the greatest breaking events in the world (Olympic Games , Redbull Bc One , finals, R16, Boty …)
he has made also music for a french TV show , Chababi Project, which takes place in Mayotte Island, Movie « Les Héritières « for French Tv …
Martin went few times in India, as a vinyl passionated , he brought a lot of music from here and take inspiration from it, and from all his travelling moves.

Cleveland, Ohio born and raised son of a preacher, TINO found his love for rhyming while attending college in the Dayton, Ohio. Since 2012 TINO has performed hundreds of shows across multiple states opening for Talib Kweli, Del The Funky Homosapien, Cappadonna and more as both a solo artist and member of band Sidekick Complex and one half of hip hop duo Safe Money. TINO, an 80s baby has a unique style which blends the Golden Era of hip hop with modern elements bridging the gap between old and new school.

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