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Milton Gulli – Quotidiano Album par Dj Ness Afro

Une fois de plus, Dj Ness Afro nous fait découvrir un de ses coups de coeurs dont voici la chronique :
Quotidiano is the fly new album from one of Lisbon’s most accomplished artists released on the 3rd of March by Lee Bright ‘s new label Tangential Music.
Milton Gulli is well known as the founder & lead singer of Cacique’97, the first ever Afrobeat band to come out of Portugal with 2 fantastic albums under his belt !
Touching on reggae, funk, soul, electronic, African music and hip hop, his deep knowledge of all of these genres shines throughout the record. Milton’s Mozambican heritage and the unique tonalities of music from his adopted homeland shares much from its long history as a Portuguese colony and these hybrid sounds have fed back over the years into Portugal’s own musical development. From the 70s onwards, however, newly independent Mozambique looked towards its African neighbours for inspiration and created something that is now recognisably theirs.
Milton’s music has always been about empowerment and justice for all and his music and life of travelling reflects this. He lived and worked in Mozambique for 9 years where he collaborated with rapper Simba on “The Heroes – A Tribute To A Tribe », a Mozambican tribute to A Tribe Called Quest for the UK label BBE Music, while helping to produce Azagaia’s “Cubaliwa » for Milton’s own label – Kongoloti Records. In the capital, Maputo, Milton also produced albums for Deltino Guerreiro, Ras Skunk, Spirits Indigenous and co-produced Granmah’s debut album whilst playing with Azagaia, Simba, DRP, TP50,
Important collaborations with Prince Wadada, Kimi Djabaté, Mercado Negro, Marcelo D2 and many others.
The thrilling opening track ‘Lobo’ is a beautiful string laden instrumental reminiscent of the best of Kruder & Dorfmeister: epic, emotional and a sure-fire beach anthem in the making. ‘Cacimbo’ begins with raw percussion before dropping into a lovely mid tempo dancehall rhythm. Milton’s voice is a wonderful thing in itself, well-travelled but still bursting with certainty and positivity. The Portuguese language is beautifully suited to song as any lovers of Brazilian music will attest to and the unique mixture of the language and the many musical influences on show, means the casual listener may believe this is Brazilian. This is the sound of Lisbon’s underground, of contemporary Mozambique, of Milton Gulli.
‘Jogador’, is a danceable song about racism in football yet despite the hard social commentary, the song pops with bouncing drums and bass, bright flutes and keys paving the way to another huge chorus.
Puto’ is a Maputo kid’s story of life and dreams on the street hidden within a deliciously relaxed arrangement. Acoustic guitars, deep funky bass and a simple loose rhythm allow Milton’s storytelling to soar.
‘This Is Only Sweet’ is a superb and authentic sounding reggae love song. Sang in English and rocking that early 80’s Lovers / Roots vibe. ‘Algoritmo’ hits that hip hop spot but with a difference. A lovely, lilting electro-acoustic backing with syncopated claps, guitars and moody samples, with a sharp rap from Milton and a standout guest spot from Mozambican poet Tchaka Waka Bantu. This track sounds like all of Milton’s influences in one place and it is a killer tune with a guaranteed appeal beyond the Lusophone countries.
‘Marrabenta (Pés Pretos)’ is a percussion and acoustic guitar led groover that builds and builds the tension as the added flute and strings swirl and reach over Milton’s voice. Check out the single Remix from South Africa’s Kid Fonque… blindingly good.
‘Quotidiano’ is a mesmerizingly seductive album that offers more on each listen.

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