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Brea by Oddisee – Music Video

« A Tribute To The Unseen Soul. » – Director Ryan Calavano
from the album Oddisee « The Odd Tape ».

MC/producer, Oddisee shares a new video for the single Brea from his new instrumental album The Odd Tape that comes out today on deluxe (purple & green) vinyl.

Director Ryan Calavano creates a masterpiece that pays tribute to the unseen soul. Dancers Jason Ulysses & Taylor Swantek are absolutely compelling as they illuminate a single day in the life of the streets forgotten. Oddisee’s beautiful instrumental « Brea » accompanies the storyline with grace and eloquence.

Music Producer: Oddisee
Director: Ryan Calavano
Cinematography: Ryan Calavano & Sean Gowdy
Dancers: Jason Ulysses & Taylor Swantek
Executive Producer: Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group, 2016

Available Now @

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