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Last of 2015

I wanted to close off 2015 in style, so I asked my friend and vinyl collector Cloud Danko to do the last mix of this year with me. It was real fun to do, and I discovered some new gems and an amazing album by the John Cameron Quartet that I added to my record collection.
It has been a very good year for me, but that is all because of you my friends, listeners, followers, the people at Ness Radio and Mixcloud to make this all happen. Cover illustration: Mr. Leenknecht
Other DD&FRNDS: Dubbel Dee & Friends
Thank you all for your support, listenings and comments…that’s what keeps me going.
I will be back with Mo’Jazz by the end of January.
I wish you all the best for 2016, and loads of groovy listenings…
D.d’. :=

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