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#WorldWide Diggin’ Athletics mix by DJ Ness

Recorded in one take and strictly on vinyls, this mix features #WorldWide sounds of Afro-Beat, Afro-Disco, Afro-house, Hip-Hop, Middle-East music , Dub, Jazz Breaks, Soul, Ethiopian Groove and more – mixed by DJ Ness of StarWax Magazine, recorded @ MutanStudio by Dj Coshmar.

This mix was premiered at on 23rd Oct 2015.


1) Tabula ‘Sorrows’ (Jabula Records) 1978
2) Fanga ‘The Tony’s Touch (Cosmic Groove) 2007
3) Fela Live at Kalakuta Republik ‘Johnny Just Drop Part 1’ (Afrodisia) 1977
4) Femi Kuti ‘Now you see’ (Label Maison) 2010
5) Fela Kuti Red Hot + Riot Zombie ‘Instrumental’ feat Money Mark, Nile Rodger, Roy Hargroove (MCA) 2002
6) Mawimbi ‘Loazo Ketja (Mawimbi Records) 2015
7) The Lafayette Afro Rock Band ‘Get Another Love’ Julien Jaubert remix (Topomic) 2011
8) Jamileh ‘Ihsan Al Munzer’ Belly Belly Dance Disco edits 1979/2015
9) Aboud Abdelaal and his orchestra ‘Medley’ The Voice of Stars Records co. 1971
10) The Beta Club ‘Freak Beat’ (Cinematic mix) Dj Ness edit Parisdj’s / Kartel Records 2014
11) Big Youth ‘Marcus Garvey’ (a cappella mix) Rastafari Records/Getupandthink 2002
12) The Liberators ‘Cairo uprising’ DJ Ness edit (Record Kicks) 2013
13) Uncle Haywood & Lucien ‘It’s not fair’ Feat Illspokinn’ (Original Watts rec) 2015
14) Wilson Legendre* Soca Music’ edit (Out there records) 2013
15) The New sound of Siam ‘Sao Sakit Mae’ (Rabih Beaini’s Molam Variation) Rabih Beaini’s remix 2015
16) Umeme Afrorave ‘Agama’ feat Koko Lawson (Mawimbi Records) 2015
17) Dusty ‘Mood Matters’ Jazz & Milk Recordings 2013
18) 20 Syl feat Oddisee ‘Ongoing thing’ Star Wax X Posca remix Le Parasite (exclusive track) Star Wax/Compos-it 2015
19) Zillanova feat Jess Harlem ‘The time it takes’ Hope Street records 2013

The winers of this mix chosen by Ness are…
Mawimbi (Out of print already)
Umeme Afrorave
Uncle Haywood & Lucien

With a long-standing career in the recording industry, DJ Ness has cultivated his talent making a name for himself in the Afro Beat community. Ness began his musical journey within the African diaspora while learning bass and playing percussion with renowned French musicians, which later lead him to enrol in the music program at Cambridge University. While at the University he had toured as keyboard player.

Ness’ passion for vinyl records with an Afro influence became more prevalent, and he started collecting music from the African Diaspora. Eager to listen, and study recordings linked to African Arabic culture, his collection increased dramatically. Purchasing new records had become more common for Ness, almost ritualistic.

Currently, DJ Ness continues to cultivate his first love, releasing and producing Afro vinyl recordings. Last year he released rare recordings of Big Youth, Spectacular for the War and Marcus Garvey EP. Additionally, his record label Get Up And Think, features Bob Marley & The Wailers as well as African singer Isdeen. His current mix, and a compilation CD titled “Soul Reggae Covers” is produced on Potatoes Records.

Connect him on:
SoundCloud @ness-errahmani
Facebook @Djnessafro

Special thanks to:
Le Parasite for his amazing remix for Star Wax X Posca VOL.2
Hope Street records from Australia
Dusty from Jazz & Milk in Germany
Record Kicks from Milan

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