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Cosmic Dream Weaving by ohbliv

[EN] A brand new 20-minute-mix by ohbliv, the one to deliver such beats whom I discovered 2 years ago with this precious digital album Ohblique. Ohbliv has released a lotta productions in the past years.
This one is not be confused with any other, only there is different styles such as reggae, hip hop, electronica. The bass lines are crazy, providing energetic bass & drums for y’all to enjoy.

Ohbliv is calling it himself:

A mystery mix of sounds I’ve been digging lately.

[FR] Dernier mix en date d’ohbliv, prolifique artiste que j’ai découvert il y a deux ans via son album Ohblique.
Ce mix n’est point à confondre avec aucune de ses sorties, à savoir qu’il mélange divers styles, des lignes de basse à couper le souffle, du reggae, de l’électronique et du hip hop. Bass & Drums à souhait !

Retro-active discovery: Ohbliv – RawOasis Album

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