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V ARE [we are] back with our third edition of V ARE presenting you those that inspire us LIVE outta VIENNA.
this time we invited our favorite dealer

with Friedrich Plöckinger owner of DAS MARKET
hosted by Farbdiscography + Joja
Wednesday, July 3rd !

When i began buying records, there used to be this place called Black Market not too far away from the Flex (one of Vienna’s biggest clubs, that used to be the place for my beloved Dub Club each and every monday). It was a very well sorted record store that delivered quite a variety of music, from hip hop through that viennese electronica to house and more. you could have coffee there and smoke cigarettes while listening to the records.

However, it is a matter of personality how one buys records or music in general. I am a very visual person so i like to go through those boxes of black gold, focus on the covers and pick out those that look good … since i am very bad with remembering artist and label names ….. so that might not always be the best way to work it and that is why my favorite record stores are those that have people inside who d help me find stuff i liked. inside the black market that person was Fritz.

The years passed, music industry changed, the Black Market closed. They tried to keep up as an online distribution. Yesterday with July 1st 2013 – this distribution was shut down.

Some years ago though, Friedrich Plöckinger opened DAS MARKET. A very happy moment for me and many other vinyl lovers in town. das market is a very well sorted record store. you can find house and disco music as well as the one or the other very nice personal hiphop 7 ».

When you go to visit Fritz you should always make sure you have more time than planned …
I d walk in and find myself with a stack of 30 records next to me while listening to the first 10 he handed me. and this stash of records will grow with each minute … it is great!

So Fritz will join us in the studio with some of his favorite pieces out of his probably immense collection.
V ARE looking forward to have Fritz with us LIVE on NESS RADIO.

thanks for listening
keep it lovely

Joja and the color discography guys

you can find us on Souncloud & Facebook

DAS MARKET is our favorite record store in town.
Westbahnstrasse 22 / Zieglergasse 40
7th district

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