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Intimacy heartbeat mix!

Résumé des dernières trouvailles musicales sut la toile sous forme d’un mix… Un délice pour les sens et pour ceux qui veulent se détendre 😉

Playlist :

Shortcircles f. Tiana Vallan – Take flight
B9 – Aljubarrota
Jafu – Stepping Stones
Tycho – A walk KRSCHN edit
Nouvul – Hopes Up feat Miki Hahn
Jack Lebian 2 – Lime Eyes
heRobust – Crystalinstrumental
Rainy Milo – Bout you
Mr Moods – The time is gone
Dr. Quandary – Branches & Bells
Haris da Terrist – Please end
Dave Sparkz & Camillo Fritanga – Blow the wall out
Jay Prince X Maloon theBoom – That’s life
B.Lewis – First of me ft. Mar
Wodoo Wolcan – Put a curse on you remix
Flitz & Suppe – GoldenDisk
Beatsofreen – Fading Shadows
Lo Phi – Serious Isht
B.Lewis – Good Ridance
Orion – Enjoy your shit withe it Lasts
Phil Gerus – In the MinX
Ikaz – Pyramids (feat. monk)
Owsey, stumbling & shura – You came out of nowhere

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