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Gilles Peterson et BBC1, c’est terminé!!!

On l’a appris la semaine dernière… L’émission culte « World Wide » de Gilles Peterson a été retirée de la grille des programmes de BBC1 après 13ans d’existence!
GP en parle rapidement sur son site… un message politiquement correcte qui n’apporte pas de réponse dont en voici le contenu:

What a year it’s been!

Yes, as you may have heard I’ll be leaving Radio 1 in the next few months – probably April. It’s been around 13 years that I’ve had the honour of presenting on the world’s most famous radio station, and I still remember my first show like it was yesterday – I’ll never forget the feeling of dread when John Peel muttered the words: “Gilles Peterson is next with Worldwide!!”

It’s been an amazing ride – and I’ve been blessed with a huge amount of great music to shout about. From the broken beats of IG Culture and Bugz in the Attic to the grandeur of groups like the Cinematic Orchestra and Zero 7… the memories of playing new artists for the first time on the radio – Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott… even Lily Allen! And not forgetting my constant pleasure in throwing down some Yusef Lateef or Sun Ra…

I’ve been amazed by the response that I’ve received since it was announced yesterday – Twitter is something else…

I look forward to telling you all about my future radio plans very soon.

Gilles P

Commentaires (1)

  1. Mo' Sound

    ‘tain c’est quoi le bordel ?!?!
    Toutefois je ne m’en fais pas trop, Gilles Peterson trouvera bien vite refuge sur une autre radio.