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Mo Laudi – The Slaves Meditation

Un petit son du DJ Sud-africain Mo Laudi, qui ravira les amateurs d’electro « nu world ». Le son se veut plutôt posé et le clip à l’ambiance vintage franchement décontracté. Mais tous deux s’inspirent d’une réflexion plus profonde, comme l’explique l’artiste:

« I was inspired by the haitian and music from reunion island, how slaves would meditate through music and in a way with all the physical constraints in their life they found freedom through music, and this story is similar to that of South Africa where I’m from. It was through protest music that the nation was galvanized to rebel and free itself against apartheid. When I dj I love it when people loose themselves to the music, and free themselves, dance and connect with the innerself ».

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