Stray – Fragile

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Petit douceur pour ce Lundi matin ensoleillé…

Above Us by Dpat featuring Sango & Isles

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Dpat is releasing some newness August 27, 2013 and provides us with a Free Downloadable piece of it: ‘Above Us’. This track is featured with Sango, a member of Soulection, a collective of which Dpat is from too.

« Above Us » comes from Dpat’s forthcoming highly anticipated release ‘In Bloom’, out August 27, 2013 on Soulection. The track represents Dpat’s soft, yet intentional beat structure full of dreamy keys, rnb charisma and Sango-infused basslines. Angelic vocals from Austin-based Isles are weaved throughout the track making this heater a preview of what’s to come on ‘In Bloom’.

The free download can be done right this way: Above Us

North by Sango

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2 weeks ago, producer & beatmaker Sango released his first official LP called ‘North’.
High expectations from this member of Soulection collective are made. Collaborations with beatmakers such as Ta-Ku and Atu are part of this great work which make it ecclectic.

Lost Highlands by Jeebrahil

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Last Friday, July 5th in Paris took place the release party for Jeebrahil, a French Caribbean beatmaker, latest LP: LOST HIGHLANDS
Get your share of some electro/instrumental awesomeness but not only.
More information on label NOIRCITY.
Feel free to go on Jeebrahil facebook page : JEEBRAHIL

YoggyOne – Paper Airplane To Bestown

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La plus surprenante et intéressante sortie musicale française de l’année 2013… oubliez Daft Punk

Raw Data in Space by Ikabod Bum

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Released early March 2013, this album ‘Raw Data In Space’ is the follow-up for ‘Raw Data Chips’ and shows « the dimensions of space-hop, future funk and electronic fusion ». Materials from a collective of producers make this a great listening (DAILON, JAYLOTUS, ION THE PRIZE…)
A third album ‘Raw Data Jazz’ will complete the series.

The Hics – Cold Air

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Tout nouveau single de ‘The Hics’. Ce groupe Anglais fondé fin 2012 est un des groupes les plus prometteurs de ces dernières années.

Yung Satan – Live @ JBL Tent (Coachella)

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Coachella Festival newcomer Yung Satan whom I made a post about a few weeks ago Chocolate GrL.

Soulection newness:

Meet Yung Satan who is Soulection’s latest addition. He is part of the young and gifted M|O|D crew who have been getting heavy radio play/support from us for some time now! We invited Yung Satan with us to Coachella so he can get an idea of who we are and feel a bit at ease when it comes down to production time. This dude killed it every single time he played a set and made sure to represent Soulection. Stay tuned for his Soulection EP coming later this year.

A/T/O/S – A Taste Of Struggle

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On ne sait pas grand chose de cet artiste mystérieux du nom de A/T/O/S. On sait juste qu’il est signé sur le label anglais DEEP MEDi et que son nom utilise les premières lettres de son premier single ‘A Taste Of Struggle’ (A/T/O/S)… Affaire à suivre…

James Blake – ‘Retrograde’

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James Blake nous offre ‘Retrograde’ extrait de son nouvel album « Overgrown » ! Une douceur electro, du grand J. Blake!

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