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Club212 – Yes I’m 35… F*ck it! (Hipsterphobia Mix)

Je vous propose de découvrir mon dernier mix, d’une durée de 2h30, regroupant des morceaux sélectionnés ces 3 deniers mois. Vous découvrirez, parmi les 45 morceaux mixés, les dernières productions de Ta-Ku, Darius, ESKA, Braille… Bonne écoute!

Show 74 by Dj Azer (November 4, 2014)

Dj Azer by far my favorite deejay ever. Showing us some love broadcasting some Kaytranada, Jarreau Vandal, Earl Sweatshirt, Nas his new track featuring a Dilla beat, Bitter Raps by Boogie and much more… DOWNLOAD: Download all previous radio shows here:

Fremont by Budo

[EN] So I landed on Budo’s latest music video, a month ago, while wandering looking for some newness. Budo here presents his official music video for « Fremont », the third single from his solo record The Finger and The Moon, available now for free download: It’s a whole alternative universe, […]