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The Love Experiment by The Love Experiment

The Love Experiment debut album was released last december 2016. Named after themselves this album highlights Kim Mayo’s talent as well as every one of the musicians member of this Future-Soul/Indie R&B band. The Love Experiment is a NYC-based future-soul collective led by drummer, composer, and producer Charles “Blvk Samurai” […]

Future Self by Exotic Snake

Decided to present you Exotic Snake, a brilliant artist from Melbourne-based independent label Fallopian Tunes. Great ambient and chill-out music to listen to. Better listen to the track « xmas at my place ».

Tree Of Life by OKE

OKE‘s newest EP is to me one of the sensations of early 2016 in afrofuturism, experimental and electronic music. Enjoy! OKE’ is the collective effort of three kindred spirits who enjoy astral traveling, and following their own pineal glands, or perhaps telepathy, accidentally collided planet QS. Their music is the […]

Compilation Ness Radio : KAFILAH 2.0 Disponible Gratuitement!

Ness Radio, comme vous le savez, c’est la première webradio collaborative diffusée depuis le Maroc. Créée en 2008 à Marrakech par Wattfutchureez et Younes Duret, elle répond au départ au besoin de pouvoir partager une musique alternative et éclectique, sans limites ni frontières. Très vite, Le projet prend de l’ampleur […]