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jan 24, 2014 | No comments
Une émission spéciale GTA V avec des sons et des extraits marrants du jeux vidéo. ENJOY!
déc 14, 2013 | No comments
Dernier mix des éditions Club212 réalisé juste avant les fêtes de fin d'année... bonne écoute! We wanna be the BARRRRRRAAACUUUUUUDAAAAAAAA.....AAAAAA.....!!!!
déc 2, 2013 | No comments
[EN] A brand new 20-minute-mix by ohbliv, the one to deliver such beats whom I discovered 2 years ago with this precious digital album Ohblique. Ohbliv has released a lotta productions in the past years. This one is not be confused with any other, only there is different styles such as reggae, hip hop, electronica. The bass lines are crazy, providing energetic bass & drums for y'all to enjoy. Ohbliv is calling it himself:
A mystery mix of sounds I've been digging lately.
[FR] Dernier mix en date d'ohbliv, prolifique artiste que j'ai découvert il y a deux ans via son album Ohblique. Ce mix n'est point à confondre avec aucune de ses sorties, à savoir qu'il mélange divers styles, des lignes de basse à couper le souffle, du reggae, de l'électronique et du hip hop. Bass & Drums à souhait ! Retro-active discovery: Ohbliv - RawOasis Album
oct 2, 2013 | No comments
Free download from yesterday's released ELEVATED comes Maputo Dance a quite amazing single which I found to be a nice introduction to Iamnobodi's musical environment. Full album available > > >
The single, "Maputo Dance", pays homage to the slum in Mozambique which it was named after with the intension to shed light on inspiration to create no matter what sort of living environment you're immersed in.
sept 28, 2013 | No comments
Onra's been on my mind for a while. One of his latest remix to date sounds like a good collaboration, a blend of hip hop beats. Yours to judge. Free download available here:

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sept 25, 2013 | No comments
Un petit mix que j'ai fait pour le magazine SURL. Avec une belle petite pochette!! Kiffez...
sept 18, 2013 | No comments
The newly released EP "Fables" provides one quite of a kind single "Float". A magnificent journey through the beatmaker's process, an Australian way : Auma is definitely representing the sounds of downunder. Full digital album available here: FABLES
sept 12, 2013 | 1 Comment
ONE SEED, the brand new EP released September 10, 2013 features this awesome track according to me. Jean du Voyage is a said turntablist since 1998 and French beatmaker as well. Letting us travelling throughout the wonderful land of electronic and downtempo music. New projects release are coming until the end of the year. Better watch out!
sept 2, 2013 | No comments
Vous l'avait surement deja entendu sur mon show. A partir de ce moment la, la connections'est faite. Donc j'ai fait un remix de son dernier single.... ONLY HUMAN.   Dites moi ce que vous en pensez!
août 16, 2013 | No comments
Dpat is releasing some newness August 27, 2013 and provides us with a Free Downloadable piece of it: 'Above Us'. This track is featured with Sango, a member of Soulection, a collective of which Dpat is from too.
"Above Us" comes from Dpat's forthcoming highly anticipated release 'In Bloom', out August 27, 2013 on Soulection. The track represents Dpat's soft, yet intentional beat structure full of dreamy keys, rnb charisma and Sango-infused basslines. Angelic vocals from Austin-based Isles are weaved throughout the track making this heater a preview of what's to come on 'In Bloom'.
The free download can be done right this way: Above Us