I love music. I’ve been listening to music since I remember: rock/pop at teenage in the 80’s, electronic/indie/rock in the 90’s… Always some jazz. At the middle 90’s I listened two cds that changed my ride: Jamiroquai’s Emergency on Planet Earth (1993) and Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication (1994). Since then I began to be interested in acid jazz & hip hop, and later I discovered 70’s jazz, funk, R&B, soul, disco… The roots!
Then, when I started to earn my living, I increased my own collection: a lot of cds, some vinyl reissues… and I was able to buy my bedroom machines!
Since 2011, I’ve been posting my series on Mixcloud, and I really love sharing my sessions. They are very focused in the 70’s great classics genres of jazz, funk, R&B, soul, disco… but not only.
I know musicians, groups and songs because of that but the route is 99% by chance. However, I never stop discovering tunes that I hadn’t heard before, either by my own searching or because the work and talent of many DJs: Learning never ends!
My selections don’t follow a pattern or a previous idea. When I prepare a list and record it, all I want to do is enjoy it from the beginning to the very end. That’s all.
I hope you enjoy my stuff as much as me. Or even more.