Rodger Cary Grant

Raised in “soul-on-trent (as stoke-on-trent was nicknamed due to the plethora of top soul nights in the area) rodger had the perfect playground to develop a love of the rarest and most innovative northern soul and west indian roots reggae. Starting out as a midlands-based dj, he quickly built a reputation amongst his contemporaries that led to him getting bookings across the north of england. Not satisfied with this initial success (and the rest of us) grant had grander designs in mind.

With a deep interest in the creative arts alloyed to a truly independent mind, rodger sought success in london, to develop his skills in fashion, soaking up the experience of studying under luminaries such as david jones catalyst for alexander mcqueen (amongst other iconic british designers) & janette swift (founder of oxfam/no logo recycling projects). It is this period that provided the knowledge base that allowed him to pursue his passions.

Rodger grant is one of the privileged few who can genuinely say that they were part of shoreditch’s first golden age, that period of sublime creative chaos, of people being intensely true to their passions and realising them by any means necessary. Grant was wholly submerged by this creative primordial swamp, from which the legendary venues, artists & events emerged, that eventually (too soon perhaps) made shoreditch a magnet for the great and the good of the global creative map.

Grant had found his spiritual home. It was during this wonderful time that he started djing at “hoxton pimps” and from there various venues across the world, art directing and designing clothes for the likes of bjork, jamiroquai & goldie alongside working on campaigns for paul smith and adidas. Shoreditch went from the place no -one wanted to come to, to a place no one wanted to leave.
Eventually grant decided to put down some roots with a permanent monument to his aesthetic in the form of the cult venue: three blind mice (2006-2013). This unique bar subsequently hosted a wide range of talent (many on the brink of being famous) including: amy winehouse, groove armada, adele, the kooks, pete doherty, finley quaye, mark ronson, tim burgess, andrew weatherall, anna calvi, belleruche, ed sheeran, jamie t, the horrors & the brand new heavies.

Some say shoreditch has had its day, that london’s trendy brigade have moved on, but if you look closely past the recent added sheen you can still find the weird & wonderful bars and independent shops that put the area on the map in the first place. It is in this milieu that hiden talent continues to emerge, gems such as soul partizan, founded by rodger in early 2011.
Soul partizan delivers a range of cutting edge show cases, events & exhibitions designed for those in “the know”, an intriguing antidote to the mind-numbing corporate copycats that have descended (some would say polluted the area).

Soul partizan regroups all those things which have made rodger cary grant who he is, offering warm and welcoming chat with very ecclectic mix of music “with a soul”, once a month. Not to miss !