4649WorldWide is an independent graphics and clothing brand based in London, reaching out WorldWide.

It was conceived by the Japanese-Londoner Yumgsta who’s been working in creative industry as a designer then decided to build her own empire, with pure Hip Hop ethic in her mind – Something from Nothing.

4649 is more than just a number: in Japanese you can say the 4 as “yo”, 6 as “ro”, the second 4 “shi” and the 9 as “ku”. Altogether 4649 spells “yoroshiku“, meaning “nice to meet you.” As our brand name suggests, we love connecting with people worldwide: it helps bring our best ideas to life.

We’re heavily inspired by the worldwide Hip Hop culture. We believe in Hip Hop as a tool for liberation, self-development, and communication across social boundaries. Our creation is the love child of Hip Hop: it embodies the beautiful struggle of life.

We support and collaborate with local and international artists who share our vision. Our lovingly crafted shows express the spirit of good music from all over the world.
We love to say “nice to meet you”. Whoever and wherever you are, say 4649! Join the gang and let’s show off our skill to the world. Because music always sounds better with you.