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Clip : Bumble Bzz – Wonderful Wanderer

Le bouche à oreille a vraiment du bon, surtout quand on reçoit des messages avec de la musique de cette qualité. C’est le cas avec le duo du groupe Bumble Bzz et son nouvel ep « Black » qui vient de sortir. A ceux qui me disent que la Soul, c’était mieux […]

Neue Grafik feat. Wayne Snow – We Are Good (22a Music)

Ahhh, qu’il est plaisant de voir des artistes sympathiques sortir d’aussi jolis morceaux… Mr Neue Grafik, une personne que j’ai pu découvrir grace au label Beat X Changers sort un maxi sur le label 22a Music. En extrait, voici le track « We are Good » en featuring avec le chanteur Wayne Snow. Il s’agit […]

EP : Silence par UNNO (Nowadays Records)

Ahhh, qu’il est bon de voir des artistes que j’ai la chance de croiser sortir un nouvel EP. UNNO, un groupe du nord de la France composé de Tismé, J.Kid et Awir Leon, 3 artistes confirmés et talentueux en solo qui en groupe offre quelque chose d’unique en croisant différents […]

THE MOVE EP by Reva DeVito

Reva DeVito has struck my mind with great vibes ever since I heard her song « SO BAD ». Her voice perfectly melts with the producers’ work she’s been with such as Kaytranada or Com Truise. Listen and enjoy this R&B/soul with electronic vibes!

The Soul Chapter EP by Pablo Queu

Musician and producer Pablo Queu from Spain uses his guitar as his main instrument. He lately delivered his second official EP, featuring original beats which combine soul and electronic elements among jazz, hip hop and blues guitar. Everything being produced, mixed and mastered by him on this mini-EP. Enjoy!

Future Self by Exotic Snake

Decided to present you Exotic Snake, a brilliant artist from Melbourne-based independent label Fallopian Tunes. Great ambient and chill-out music to listen to. Better listen to the track « xmas at my place ».

Tree Of Life by OKE

OKE‘s newest EP is to me one of the sensations of early 2016 in afrofuturism, experimental and electronic music. Enjoy! OKE’ is the collective effort of three kindred spirits who enjoy astral traveling, and following their own pineal glands, or perhaps telepathy, accidentally collided planet QS. Their music is the […]

Cryptic [HNR58] by MONO/POLY

Charles E. Dickerson, best known as MONO/POLY, released last week a nine-track EP ‘Cryptic [HNR58]’ as a follow up for ‘GOLDEN SKIES’ a year ago. This electronic music producer made a much anticipated EP featuring the vocals of Seven Davis Jr. and as a guest bass player Thundercat. Definitely worth […]

Hers by Nvthlss

Nvthlss, Paris based producer, rather prolific producer 😉 creates beats that truly show how much ecclectic the French beatmaking scene can be. Hear for yourself. Downloadable upon here: HERS