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Winning EP by Just Jack

Jack Allsop also known as Just Jack has been one of my favorite artists ever. I experienced one of his parisian concert back in 2007, amazing experience! Playing good electronic music, a mix of a trip-hop journey. This EP WINNING has been released September 1st 2014, some great newness for […]


Leon T. Pearl – Brand New EP

Young producer from London, Leon T. Pearl delivers a hit electronic tune with ‘Came here for you’ from his EP ‘Bring me Down’. Check more here: Leon T. Pearl soundcloud Good electronic music to dance to, music to sing to. Enjoy!


The Dough by Rita J (Nicky Lars « Cream » RMX)

Rita J., artiste hip hop, nous a livré un album en Janvier dernier disponible en ligne : LOST TIME. Un grand nombre d’artistes renommés ont participé à cet ouvrage brillant dont le maestro Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Ici un morceau remixé par Nicky Lars dont je vous avais déjà parlé. Retrouvez […]